Audio Restoration Tonfiks specialises in digitizing analog recordings and cleaning interfering sounds from audio recordings

New recordings

Even new recordings may have interfering sounds, such as coughs from the audience, chair noises or door slams, ringing cellphones and even camera flashlight noises. Recordings may also contain traffic or air conditioning noises and mains hum. It is usually possible to reduce all of these interfering noises. In some cases they can be removed completely.

Old recordings

Would you like to have your vinyl records, open reel tapes and cassettes converted into audio files so that you could listen to them with your media player, computer or audio system? At the same time you can get rid of the annoying hiss, noise, crackle and pops.


Compact Cassette, Elcaset, Micro Cassette, Minicassette, Grundig DC-I -cassette, 78 RPM discs, Instantenous aluminum discs, DAT, DCC, ADAT, CD, DVD.

Vinyl records, also decoding quadraphonic SQ, QS and UHJ Ambisonic recordings.

¼ inch reel to reel tapes, all track orders up to four tracks.

Recovering deleted and "accidentally lost" files from Minidisc directory.

Is it possible to remove all of the noise completely?

Yes, it is, but there is a certain point at which the noise reduction process starts to produce aliasing noises that were not present in the original recording. Usually the best option is to find a compromise between as good sound quality as possible and the removal of the interfering sounds. The compromise level depends on the quality of the original material and what is considered important. Sometimes it is essential to hear what is spoken. In some other case the quality of the musical sound might be more important.

Most of the restoration work needs to be done manually by hand and by using the ear. Audio restoration is based on subjective decisions. As each recording is different from the others, the restoration process cannot be automated too much. This is why it is not possible to tell in beforehand precisely how much time is needed for a certain cleaning process. However, we are happy to give you a cost estimation after hearing a typical sample of your material.

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