Micro Cassette

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Olympus released the Micro Cassette for dictation recorders in 1969. The tape has the same 4 mm width as the Compact Cassette, but the tape is thinner. The cassette size is 49 mm x 33 mm x 8 mm. The durations were from 15 minutes up to 90 minutes on normal speed, 2,4 cm/s. There was also a half speed mode; 1,2 cm/s. The cassette was flipped at the end of the tape and it was recorded into both directions.

The audio quality is not very good because of the low tape speed, but nevertheless, the Micro Cassette was used in some Walkman-type recorders and even in some stereo decks. For those, metal particle tape was available. But mainly the Micro Cassettes were used in dictation recorders and in telephone answering machines. The cassette was also used as a data cassette.